Build social apps, in minutes.

Oahu is an open social application platform,
we enable you to build richer, more engaging apps.

Ready now.

Spend less time setting up, and more creating value.

Using familiar tools and languages, Our suite of apps and libraries lets agencies, content producers and application developers create completely custom, fully social applications in a fraction of the time.

Using Oahu lets you avoid the complexity and many hurdles associated with developing social applications, reduces time to market, and ensures highly integrated social components.

Social as a service

A complete set of tools

Our platform handles user accounts, media, activity feeds, user generated contents, game mechanics such as badges, achievements, goods, currencies.

Many apps are already available on the platform building on those concepts, such as Quizzes, Instant wins, Photo contests and much more…

Completely open

Packaged apps are only the beginning

We know for a fact that a single company can never build every app possible. We also know that whatever your needs are, they will change. That's why the platform is built from the ground up to be tweaked, extended, overriden, customized.

You can change templates, css, markup, hook up to javascript events combine and extend widgets, build your own… There is no limit to what you can build using Oahu.

Rich & Realtime

Leverage a robust set of rich realtime push components to create even more ambitious apps painlessly.

Notify users instantly when they win a badge, a goodie, when a friend offers them something, and just about anything you can think of.


Cross app, cross domain, cross platform.
Consolidate user data between all your sites and apps.

Most importantly, We do all of this and more with an exclusive and invisible single sign-on, that authenticates your users on all your platforms, enriches their profile across apps, allowing you to offer them precisely what makes them tick.

The more you use Oahu, the more value your audience gains from it. Reward them for their engagement at a global scale, and make them ask for more !

Rich metrics

Define custom funnels of engagement, and get detailed metrics on your users's flow, what they're sharing, what's engaging them.

With integrated metrics, get a precise breakdown of how your app's doing, who’s playing, who’s sharing and much, much more.




Our product has been awarded the Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer badge for the Apps section.

Oahu is currently
a private service.

We plan on opening access to more clients in the near future. In the meantime, you can get more information by contacting us.

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We're currently looking for :

  • — A front-end developer who knows CSS3, responsive design and Coffeescript perfectly.
  • — A product manager with a strong focus on detail and user experience